At school, I was the daydreamer. My ambitions didn’t stretch far – I had never considered settling down and spending the rest of my life building my empire of possessions. While friends were planning their paths through an imaginary career ladder, my head was somewhere else; much further away. I didn’t care to see a healthy bank balance or my name on the executive parking bay sign. All I longed for was freedom.

My name is Ryan. I am twenty-nine. I’m sitting in my thinking chair, a coffee in hand, reminiscing and in a state of deep thought – you’re familiar with that one – it’s bedtime and your imagination begins to race – your body wants to sleep and your mind has other plans for the night. 

Since my days of school, I graduated college, worked for a few firms and now have myself a nice little job which gets me by. Typing it like that makes it seem so boring, I know, but there have been many life-lessons along the way. I have faced loss of loved ones, love, heartbreak and I have been immensely blessed with some amazing experiences too – mainly my son. It’s been quite an emotional rollercoaster and now things are right where they should be. Except for one thing; freedom.

All that I longed for, is still just out of reach. The one thing holding me back, is a need to work. I have become a slave to bills. I have fallen into the trap of the system, yet my mind and heart are rebelling. I won’t conform to the charade – I hate it.

I started this blog not just for my sanity, and possibly my motivation for ‘going for it’, but for the free-spirited adventurers, whose heart’s desires are for that same thing; freedom.